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strange that today of all days I decided to check your blog... and you'd actually posted for the first time in forever!

I've heard Peru is a wonderful mix of what you're looking for... it's high on my south america list

Stephen Shankland

Been to Peru, Ecuador (including Galapagos Islands), and Argentina, with a smidgen of Chile and Uruguay thrown into the latter. I recommend all three highly. Can't comment on Brazil--too big so we didn't go. Buenos Aires has great food and culture. In Peru and Ecuador, the soups rock, and there's plenty of Inca culture. Also the palta reina (giant stuffed avocado) in Peru. Argentina had fabu wilderness in Patagonia, but it's an in-country plane ride away. Ecuador and Peru also had fantastic Andean mountains, more accessible by bus. The Galapagos are fantastic but it takes 8 days so you'd better have time.

Scott Jones

Shortly after 9/11 I spent a week looking for property in Uruguay - mainly around Montevideo. We also drove south to Colonia and north to Punta Del Este. Being November, it was early in the season, so this resort area was basically empty.
I can't speak for the nightlife, but if you are interested in the architecture, the street life, meeting the lovely people, or doing some shopping, oh...and eating meat (lots of it) -I would recommend Urugauy.

Scott Jones

One more thing on Uruguay - this reminds me that I will be doing a post on that trip soon - check eztravelpad.typepad for some photos
Lastly, being shortly after 9/11 - U.S. in meltdown, and everyone's nerves on edge I found it interesting that at the airport in Buenos Aires the TVs were running - not news - but... ballet.

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Great idea, enjoy your trip happily.

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