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If you're here you probably know all this stuff already, but hey if you find it that interesting, I'll humor you...

I'm a nearly native Oregonian, 34 years old, and when I'm not gallivanting around the world, I work in hi-tech public relations. My travels have taken me to an endless list of amazing places, and there's a still lots more I'd like to see.

In the fall of 2004 I took first sabbatical from Intel (my reward for seven years of being "married to my job" as my best friend so cheerfully puts it), during which I traveled throughout Italy, the French Alps, Germany and Prague. I starting blogging then as a way to stay in touch with family and friends (and anyone else that snuck in here) while I was overseas.

Next I headed to Asia for a four-month rotation in Intel's PR department in Hong Kong in late 2005. During that time I got to travel through much of Asia, instilling in me a love of the Orient that I hadn't anticipated.

In fall 2006 I was voluntarily laid off, and took to the road again for my most extended travels yet. This time I spent five months in southeast Asia, India and Italy.

Nowadays I'm back in Portland working for Waggener Edstrom, the PR agency that represents Microsoft.

I haven't blogged much since my last major trip, but I will occasionally do so when I'm traveling, so please check back now and again, if you're so inclined.

Thanks for stopping by!